Vegan Starter Kit – Nutriciously Review

In this Vegan Starter Kit review, we’re going to share with you what I really liked about it and what we think could be better. Let’s begin!

When you need to change your diet due to health issues or a desire for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Veganism has been on the rise in recent, with more people quitting meat, dairy and cheese for health and environmental reasons.

But for many people the transition isn’t always easy.

Thankfully we discovered the Vegan Starter kit that takes all the guess workout, like the one found on

vegan starter kit

About The Author of Nutritiously

creator and  certified Vegan Nutritionist
Alena is a content creator and
Certified Vegan Nutritionist

What is the Vegan Starter Kit?

Alena and Lars, are a couple and the creators behind They switched to a whole foods plant-based diet a few years ago after trying different diets for optimal health. 

That’s when the two decided to launch their blog Nutritiously, a website where they share their story as well as helpful articles, delicious vegan recipes and tips for new and aspiring vegan to live a healthier lifestyle. 

The Vegan Starter Kit makes it easy to eliminate all animal ingredients and use lots of colorful, nutritious and healthy fruits, grains, beans, tofu, nuts and seeds for a healthy vegan diet.

delicious vegan recipes

Highly processed foods are addictive, and your body craves food that delivers the fastest possible hit of energy. There is no way around it.

So if you’re newly vegan and you find it to give up or reduce vegan processed foods then the vegan starter kit is the perfect guide for you.

The goal of this starter kit is to help your body reach optimal health, weight and energy.

Whenever You Adopt A New Habit, You Want Immediate Results

The problem is, change can be a slow process, with one exception, when you switch to a plant-based diet for optimal health and wellness, your body will start seeing results almost instantly.

Every time you eat a whole-foods plant-based meal instead of an animal-based meal, you benefit from an improvement in your health on a cellular level.

As you transition to a wholesome, plant-based diet, you will start to enjoy new foods and new flavors, you’ll notice how much better you will feel.

And soon, you’ll start to crave more plant-based foods over time.

Adapting a vegan lifestyle isn’t difficult, but there is a learning curve when you are trying to veganise your food.

All you need are a few go-to vegan recipes on hand that you can make each day.

The vegan starter kit includes 7 eBooks that will provides game plan with tips to help you to succeed.

How does it work?

Thankfully it comes in a simple eBook format. Perhaps the most important eBook is the “From A to Vegan Main Guide”. In this volume, you will learn about plant-based nutrition.

There is a good overview of all of the important information about plant-based eating.

It includes not only nutritional information, but it also breaks down your nutritional needs and how you can fulfill those requirements best with a plant based vegan diet.

It also lays out what staples you should keep on hand, how to eat cheap and vegan, and how to deal with transitional cravings.

The recipes this guide provides are built around versatile and easy to find ingredients.

The instructions on how to prepare each dish give you the direction and confidence you need to start a new adventure in food.

It also has valuable insight on how to eat out as a vegan, and tips for navigating social situations like dinner parties.

What’s Inside Nutritiously’s Vegan Starter Kit

  • A 200-page guide that covers everything you need to know about switching to a plant-based lifestyle.
  • List of FAQs
  • Vegan Recipe Cookbook (Recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner complete with nutrient)
  • Restaurant guide
  • Various printables and cheat sheets
  • Instructions for building healthy bowls
  • 2-week vegan meal plan:
  • Checklist.
  • Two-week meal plan to print out and use immediately (👈🏼 my absolute favorite part!).
vegan starter kit course

You can open the PDFs on any device and go through them at your own pace, from start to finish, or start with the parts that interest you the most.

Helpful blueprints: If you are the creative type in the kitchen, these helpful blueprints lay out a guideline
for popular favorites like buddha bowls and pizza.

You will not need to follow an exact recipe with these guides. You can easily make it your own!

Shopping Lists: Broken down by week, the shopping lists include everything you need to get started
including printable grocery lists.

Support Group: You are not alone! So many are now making the transitioning into a whole foods vegan
diet because it leads to an overall better quality of life.

For so many people this is the best way to manage chronic health conditions and lifelong struggles with disordered eating (both overeating and under eating).

It is invaluable to have such an engaged community of over 6000 people that can help facilitate a successful transition.

Vegan Starter Kit FAQ

Q: Are the recipes complicated?

A: No, these recipes are foundational recipes for beginners and experts alike. You will learn valuable
techniques and flavor combinations that you will use to build on for the rest of your culinary life.

Q: Is this good for someone who is thinking about going vegan?

A: Yes, this guide is perfect for people who are vegan-curious, vegan, thinking about being vegan, or
those who want to give a whole plant vegan lifestyle a first time test run!

Q: Are the ingredients delivered?

A: The ingredients are not delivered to your door. However, with delivery services so readily available,
this is hardly an obstacle even for the busiest of busy bees!

There are lots of amazing things to say about this vegan meal plan. First and foremost, it lays out a
roadmap to success. There are a lot of short cuts in this age of convenience.

Packaged and processed foods are vegan options and are great when convenience is a priority. While that may be tempting, mock meats, fake cheeses, candies, and cookies won’t serve you well in the long run.

The long-term rewards of living a longer and healthier life start with an approach like the one laid out in this vegan starter kit. It is one of the best vegan starter kits on the market because the creators understand the
importance of a whole food approach.

The Vegan Starter Kit Will Help You Choose The Right Foods

The vegan starter kit will help you to choose the right foods.

Food packaging can be misleading. Terms like “all natural” and “100% juice” and sometimes even “organic” are common tactics used to trick consumers into eating an abundance of junk food.

Well-Researched, information covering all aspects of Plant-Based Nutrition

What questions you have about making the switch to a plant-based vegan diet, you will find all the answers in this amazing 200-page vegan guide or in the FAQ guide.

It covers all the basics of nutrition, such as where to get the right carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. You will also learn how to read food labels and the best foods to stock up on.

Worried about Protein Deficiency?

In this guide you will discover the best plant-based sources of protein to boost your intake as a vegan, as well as a list of vitamins and minerals.

Worried about Peer Pressure?

If you’re concerned about having difficult conversations with friends and family, The Vegan Starter kit offers great tips for dealing peer pressure situations successfully.

NOTE: If you want to learn even more, at the end of this article you can find links to some great resources that might be helpful to you.

The Digital Copy

The vegan starter kit is completely digital, so you’ll get all the materials the moment you pay for them. The good thing about this is that you won’t need to wait for the book to come in the post. You can get started as soon as today if you decide you want to take this route.

The digital copy of The Vegan Starter Kit can be viewed on all mobile devices that you can easily take with you where you go. This is good for people who travel.

This is also convenient if you’re on a business trip, vacation or just staying over at your friends for the weekend. When it comes time to eat, you just open the recipes and meal plans on your phone and decide what you want.

Nutriciously Vegan Starter Kit – Our Conclusion

We at Vegan Health Resource loved the recipes and tips in the vegan stater kit. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to try or switch to a plant-based diet and live a healthier lifestyle. 

Results are important and The Vegan Starter Kit by Nutriciously has shown has been proven effective among many of their vegan customers.

What customers are saying about the vegan starter kit

vegan starter kit review
vegan starter kit review

We hope that our review has shown you that the vegan starter course will give you all the necessary tools you need to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Ready to get started? All you need to do is head over to Nutriciously now and and download all their amazing free resources such as their 1-week of tasty vegan bowl recipes or their 12 things to do when transitioning to a vegan diet.  

Of course, you will find tons of useful information on the Nutriciously website, so you’re free to explore that yourself.

Once again, you can download the Vegan Starter Kit here. I’m sure you’ll love it, I promise!

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