Avocado Salad Bagel

avocado salad bagel

If you love bagels then you’re going to want to try this tasty avocado salad bagel. You all need to do is mash-up an avocado, chop-up some tomato with some arugula, lemon juice and you’re all set! If you want you can even add in some chickpeas and you favourite vegan cheese and vegan mayo … View more

Quick Vegan Black Bean Burritos

vegan black bean burritos

These delicious vegan black bean burritos are such refreshing delights to have as any meal of the day! With your choice of stuffing, tacos are a very versatile mexican delicacy! In this recipe are vegan black bean burritos. You can use homemade fresh salsa, sour cream, guacamole, sweet corn, black beans and lettuce as stuffing … View more

Vegan BTL Sandwich

vegan btl sandwich

The sandwich you never knew you needed in your life . This is our take on the classic BLT sandwich – made vegan and healthy, also known as a TLT. We used smoky, crispy tempeh to replicate the flavour and texture of bacon. The perfect complement to some crispy lettuce and juicy tomato on toasted … View more